Archived News

7 Jul 14

The Chairman has asked me to inform you of the new gate security measures that have taken place at HMS Sultan.

The MPGS have taken over all security duties at Sultan and the Mod Guard Service have been redeployed to other establishments.

The implications of this change is that Caledonia Gate will only open at certain times of the day as follows:

Monday - Friday  0001 - 0600.  0700 - 0830.   1600 - 2359.

Saturday - Sunday  0001 - 2359

Outside of these times access to the Technical Site will be via Vulcan Gate on Centurion Road.

All keys will be held in HQ1 on the accommodation side.

All passes will be issued from HQ1.

The fishing log, which must be signed prior to fishing, will also be kept in HQ1.

The telephone number for HQ1 is 02392 542261. This number should be used when ringing in every 2 hours as a lone angler.

7 Jul 14
A few notices for the membership:

1.  Unhooking mats are to be used at all times when fishing for carp at Southwick Park lake and HMS SULTAN moat.

2.  From the 1st April 2012 the cost of Guest day tickets will increase as follows:
     a.   Adult (per day) - £7.50
     b.   Child (under 16 per day) - £5.00
     c.   Adult weekly ticket - £20.00
     d.   Child (under 16) weekly ticket - £10.00

a.  Guest tickets are valid for the day of issue only.
b.  Persons wishing to fish overnight will need to purchase 2 x day tickets.