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2017 Sultan Summer League Results 

2016 Inter-Establishment Overall Results.

2016 Sultan Summer League Results 

The final table for the Sultan Summer Series is below:

Best 4 results from 6 




Chris Bailey        

6 pts


Alan Vanson      

10 pts


Paul Fegan          

11 pts


Dean Sergeant    

14 pts


Mark Dawson    

15 pts


Ian Francis          

17 pts


Nigel King            

19 pts


Peter Hitchcock    

59 pts


Paul Redstone    

60 pts


S Knight                

81 pts


Barry Moger        

81 pts


Paul Hitchcock    

83 pts


Addy Williams      

84 pts


Sultan summer league 1

7th May 2016

M Dawson dnw
D Sergeant dnw
P Fegan 4lb 10 oz
I Chisholm dnf
A Vanson dnw
I Francis 3lb 10 oz
Peter Hitchcock dnw
C Bailey 2 1/2 oz
N King 1 3/4 oz
S Knight dnw

Sultan summer league 2

21st May 2016

M Dawson dnw
P Fegan dnw
D Sergeant dnw
I Francis 1oz
A Vanson 4lb 8oz
P Redstone 2oz
C Bailey 3oz
N King 2oz
P Hitchcock 5oz

Sultan summer league 3

4th June 2016

M Dawson 1oz
D Sergeant 2oz
P Fegan dnw
A Vanson 8oz
C Bailey 5lb 5oz
A Williams 3lb 31/2oz
P Redstone 2oz
B Moger dnw

Sultan summer league 4

25 June 2016

M Dawson 3lb 6oz
P Fegan 15oz
D Sergeant dnw
I Francis 1lb 14oz
A Vanson 4lb 5oz
C Bailey 7lb
N King 4oz

Sultan summer league 5

2 July 2016

M Dawson 6oz
P Fegan 5lb 6oz
D Sergeant 6lb 8 oz
I Francis 7oz
C Bailey 1lb 5oz
A Vanson 2lb 11oz
N King 8oz
Addy dnw
Paul Hitchcock 1 1/2 oz

Sultan summer league 6

16 July 2016

M Dawson 3oz
P Fegan 1lb 7oz
I Francis 4 1/2 oz
D Sergeant 1lb 3oz
A Vanson 14oz
C Bailey 2lb 10oz



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